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Landscape Maintenance is a landscaping company serving premier full service commercial and residential customers. With many years of experience in the industry landscape maintenance facility and grounds.


A well maintained garden provides a great look and feel to any home and increases the appeal of your property. We can tailor a garden maintenance program to suit your garden’s needs or simply provide a once off visit.

Gardens Decorative

What makes one garden more memorable than another is not so much the beauty of the flowers and plants found there. It’s the decorative accents, those little unique touches here and there that lend a garden its personality and charm.

Plants Installation

Sit back and let us do the work! We’ll plant your trees, shrubs or flowers, and we can even remove old plants so there is no fuss. Our installers are hand picked for their proven quality work and time efficient service.



We at MV Landscaping. LLC. offer full service planting design and installation. This is a fundamental aspect of any landscape installation whether it is a simple foundation planting or a complete residential or commercial planting design. Proper design & installation will assure that your plants will be an investment that grows. When considering a new planting project there are several important factors our professionals consider.

The first step in the plant selection process is deciding what style or purpose the planting is trying to achieve. Plants can be grouped or used together in different ways to achieve various effects. Plant selection and arrangement can reflect the architectural style of the home. Plant varieties can represent the homeowner’s personal preferences. Plants can be used to develop specialty gardens such as perennial gardens, butterfly gardens, gardens that attract wildlife, fragrant gardens, shade gardens, rose gardens, etc. Plants can be selected and arranged for special functions such as screening, privacy, hedging, etc.

MV Landscaping. LLC

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